Everyday even a pinch of salt is dangerous…

Health Tips: Excessive amount of salt can dissolve ‘poison’ in our lives, so World Salt Awareness Week is celebrated every year from 14 to 20 March for its awareness.

World Salt Awareness Week 2023: The more balanced your diet is, the healthier you are. Food should be tasty but also nutritious. Like vitamins, proteins and minerals in food, sodium ie salt is also very important. Salt is essential for our health, but if its quantity is high then it can also be dangerous. This is the reason why World Salt Awareness Week is celebrated every year from 14 to 20 March to make people aware about salt.

The less salt, the more energy will remain in health
Keeping control of salt in food completely depends on all of us. This week governments and global organizations like WHO work to spread awareness about salt. Many tips and messages are given regarding salt in schools, offices and homes. All 194 member countries of the UN have put their stamp on reducing sodium consumption by 30 percent. This shows how important it is to reduce sodium intake as a life saving strategy.

  1. Cook food in such a way that minimum salt is used.
  2. Your goal should be to have less salt in the food.
  3. Providing low sodium options in public institutions schools, hospitals, offices, nursing homes, so that salt does not become poison.
  4. People should use less salt, for this they should change. This can be done through mass media campaign and awareness.
  5. The amount of sodium should be clearly written on the food packet, so that the customers can understand it.
  6. While eating salt, take special care of its quantity.
  7. The customer should be aware of the amount of salt used in the food supply.

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